Monday, April 27, 2009

color me cards - create your own cards - ohSmile

voila! color me greeting cards finally available at my etsy shop! these are designed so that you can be as creative as you want to be in creating your own cards. fill in the blank space with any medium and any color you like. here are some of the many ideas ::

:: color in with markers, color pencils, crayons
:: fill the blank with newspaper cut outs
:: silhouette the shapes with fabrics
:: fill in with glitter powder
:: pattern the blanks 

no one will receive the exact same card, each card is uniquely created by YOU!
if you have more idea about how to fill in the card, please share it in the comment. love to get more inspiration! see more examples here.

these are perfect for mother's day sweet notes, each card is animal themed with mother and child animals. a perfect way to say i love you to your mom with your own creation! available at ohSmile etsy shop.

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