Saturday, July 24, 2010

we are 1976!!

i had to feature this shop just by its name " we are 1976". the number just blinks at me. 1976, yah, it's the year "apple threw open the doors of imagination, tiananmen square launched a reverie for freedom, and we were born."

the shop carries everything indie, from toys, home goods, art objects, books, jewelry to apparel. check out the gallery and workshop calendar. if you are local in dallas, i'm sure you'll be inspired!

owner vynsie's house was featured in design sponge, click here for more photos. don't you just want to own that catalog cabinet?!


Hearthandmade said...

thank you for featuring this!! I love it!

ejorpin said...

That shop looks wonderful! It's the year I was born too, we 1976ers clearly have impeccable taste...


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